Veterinary Medications

Often, medications that are needed for animals are only commercially available as human drugs that are flavored for people and in doses appropriate for humans. In order to administer a dose that is safe for a small animal, a tablet may need to be broken into pieces or liquids may need to be carefully administered in very small amounts. On the other hand, to treat a horse, each dose may be several tablets or capsules or a large volume of liquid medication. By working closely with pet owners/animal caregivers and veterinarians, we can help by customizing medications in the best dose and most appropriate dosage form/flavor for each animal. We can creatively flavor oral medications so that animals are eager to take their medications. If medications are particularly bitter, we have special additives to mask the bitterness, or we may be able to compound the medication as a transdermal cream for easy application to the inside of the ear or another hairless area. Whether your pet has fur, feathers or fins, People’s Custom Rx can help to solve your medication problems!